The lottery is a " tax on the poor"

The lottery is a " tax on the poor" It is no secret that today there are fewer millionaires than ever before. And the poverty rate among the population has also increased significantly. In this article, we will talk about how the state should help the poor in this difficult period of time. times.Lottery taxes are meant to be paid even when the economy is "stable". But as it turned out, this was not the case this spring. Millions of people in our country have lost their jobs and salaries. In such difficult times, people are not waiting for the state, not for a " Red ribbon " for our country, but for something completely different — a place in the "pile" of money and an honorable " retirement " by the sea. People lost their jobs and salaries because of the coronavirus outbreak and the extreme poverty of the population. They lost their jobs, because their salary was too high (because they "turned" professional and took on complex projects). This created an extremely acute situation of "no free money" for everyone and everyone.People lost their jobs and salaries in an instant. They lost their jobs and incomes. They lost their jobs and incomes. And the affected companies, as a result, will have to "pay" the state for the salaries of public employees (for their employees). In the state budget for 2020, allocations for pensions and social services have increased significantly. In particular, the amount of state assistance to the spouses of working people increased by 38%. People lost their jobs and incomes as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. It is our government that introduced anti-virus measures, introduced controls and introduced taxes. People lost their jobs and incomes. There is no doubt that the state will be in a difficult financial situation from today's the very beginning. Nevertheless, the duty to provide assistance to the population in this difficult period of time officially falls on the head of the head of each Russian citizen. Providing such assistance to pensioners and others is their business. But the head of the company that is helping pensioners will not be burdened by this tax. This is done on this question by the state. People started to save money as soon as possible, because they lost their jobs and incomes. But now there is a real "plus" in the form of a stable income from the Internet. A year later, in the spring, there will be a "minus" in the form of reduced demand for oil and the collapse of production/sales volumes of various products (of which there were already no surplus volumes before the crisis).Therefore, in the current situation, it makes sense to defer financial decisions until the fall. in order to fully concentrate on the pronounced shortage of cash (almost three times more than at the time of the previous crisis).Plus, the collapsing prices for various