How to invest in a volatile market (and not be nervous)

How to invest in a volatile market (and not be nervous) Stock market volatility has become almost commonplace this month.And it is used to it, we all have.But the coronavirus outbreak, which has brought down the economies of almost all countries, created such an "opportunity" for the market to fall steeply. Not only do I say that I'm all right, I also do it on a weekly basis (more on this below).I recommend that you do the same, regularly buy currency, stocks, and other financial instruments.And, as always, be mentally prepared for market fluctuations and do not take any single step "for granted". Let's talk today about what actions you should take in the current extremely difficult financial situation. 1) the" Wild horse " of a volatile market Everything that can happen in the financial markets (including this coronavirus pandemic, which has already taken many lives around the world) - this should terrify all of us. And make us completely recalibrate our financial habits. We we saw this in the spring, when millions of companies were forced to close and lay off staff (literally) for various reasons. But we are used to this "now, this is the way life is always" - so we will have to "live by" the provisions of personal financial planning. planning.We see that the money is welcome in the form of dividends and share prices. But there is no point in buying shares, dividends and stock prices. 2) Do not buy dollars from an index Fund I see this a lot. I also don't understand why. Why not use a monthly averaging strategy and buy index funds? It would be nice to hold the currency in an account with a major Bank. But, alas, it does not happen that way. Every month, our Bank rates "wild oats". 3) Don't buy dollars from an FXI suppose this means just "don't touch" with the problematics of life in a volatile market? I don't understand at all — how can you not be careful in a volatile market? After all, if you are both in a "Buy" and "Catch" mode, then your investment will definitely suffer losses. In which case the "Wild" owl will come to your aid. 4) Don't buy dollars from an IndicatorI don't understand at all why banks and invest.companies insist on prescribing certain financial products. antidiversification controls. Why, in fact, is it so important to know what factors influence the price of a particular asset?For the sake of my peace of mind, I buy currency and stocks every week. That's why I've been through this "challenge" so many times.Every time, I get a "smoking gun" about the financial situation. And the following applies to you